About The Project

Industry-academia partnerships ensure a more rapid access to drugs for patients and are beneficial to both the private and public sector. Thanks to these partnerships companies acquire expertise, know-how and ideas from multiple sources while academia takes advantage of the innovation potential that would otherwise be lost. As witnessed by the number of drugs authorized in Europe and the USA recently, this way of drug development –initially tested in Universities and other public research centers – is becoming increasingly common.

The Italian Society of Pharmacology, SIF and Farmindustria, Association of Pharmaceutical Companies, believe that it is necessary to facilitate the links between public and private sector and to increase the number of partnerships aimed at the discovery and development of new drugs and therapies.

To this end, SIF and Farmindustria have realized Innovationflow, a pharmaceutical hub of scientific knowledge where academia and industry can meet and lay the basis for working together.

On the site, researchers can post non-confidential information on projects and ideas ready to be transferred to the industrial world that pharmaceutical companies can access through the consultation of a database.

Along with SIF members, any researcher can join the community upon acceptance by an ad hoc steering committee and add projects which will be made available to pharmaceutical companies associated with Farmindustria.